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Personal Loan – Are They Ever Worth It? (Pawn Shop Loans). When you contemplate pawn store loans, you might reflect on haggling over the cost of antiques and collectibles. But pawn store loans are also a major enterprise where you could get coins in exchange on your valuable items.

However, they aren’t necessarily a good idea.

Here’s what you should know about pawn shop loans:

What is a pawn shop loan?

Pawn shop mortgage requirements

Beware of pawn shop loan charges and curiosity rates

A private loan may be a better option

Alternatives to a pawn shop loan

What is a pawn store loan?

A pawn shop loan is a secured, short-term loan you can get from a pawn shop. Those loans don’t require a credit score check or have any particular requirements other than the object you allow as collateral for the loan.

You’ll characteristically walk away with round 25% to 60% of the pawned item’s value, with the common mortgage being $75 to $100. In case you repay the mortgage in a certain quantity of time, you can get your item back.

Be careful! Despite the fact rates aren’t as undesirable as the common payday mortgage or automobile identify loan, you’ll nonetheless pay huge expenses and fees for this sort of loan.

One pawn shop shared that fees are typically around 20% to 25% interest per thirty days plus any fees. That’s an identical interest rate many credit cards charge in line with year, so pawn shop loans should surely be considered a final resort for such a lot households.

Some pawn shop loans cost over 200% APR. In Texas, for example, the utmost pawn store expense is 240% APR.

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Pawn shop loan requirements

One good thing about pawn store loans is how easy they usually are to get. In lots of cases, you in simple terms need a valuable object and a central authority ID.

Here are traditional requirements for pawn store loans:

Valuable item: The most want for a pawn shop mortgage is a precious item. For example, jewelry, electronics, guns, or trucks would serve as collateral. If you and the pawn shop can agree on the magnitude and loan amount, it could secure a pawn shop loan.

Government ID: Such a lot lenders will require you to reveal a sound government ID so they can verify you are legally able to take out the loan.

Keep in intellect that not like a standard installment loan, a pawn shop mortgage doesn’t require a specific credit rating or a cosigner. So long as you may supply a precious item and a government ID, you may walk out with cash in an analogous visit.

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What you could pawn

You can pawn nearly whatever of value. Some typical items used for pawn store loans include:


Precious metals or jewels



Game systems

Musical instruments





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Beware of pawn shop mortgage charges and interest rates

If you opt to take out a pawn shop loan, make sure you absolutely realize what you’re signing up for. Every state has its own legal guidelines and maximums around what pawn shops can charge, yet no matter where you live, a pawn shop mortgage continues to be probable considered one of your so much highly-priced innovations to borrow money.

Most pawn shop loans cost a monthly curiosity rate. If you can’t pay your loan again on time, it’d roll into the next month, including an additional month of interest. As curiosity adds up, your loan might come to be costing more than the object you pawned to start with.

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Here are some examples of the maximum rates* charged by using pawn stores in some states:

California: 2.5% in line with month

Florida: 25% in keeping with month

Illinois: 3% in line with month

New York: 4% in keeping with month

Pennsylvania: 2.5% in line with month

Texas: $20 in keeping with month

*Rates as of October 2020

Before pawning an item, lookup your state’s laws related to pawn shops to ensure your loan doesn’t overcharge.

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A private loan could be a greater option

If you’ve decent credit and verifiable income, a personal loan could be a more sensible choice than a pawn store loan.

Personal loans come with a lot decrease interest rates than pawn shop loans, as well as longer compensation terms. They’re accessible in a good selection of amounts, such as a $5,000 exclusive loan as much as a $100,000 exclusive loan.

Tip: Some creditors allow cosigners on exclusive loans. You might be able to get a decrease interest rate on a cosigned private mortgage than you’ll on your own.

There are also confidential loans for fair credit and personal loans for unfavorable credit ratings that you would possibly qualify for, even and not using a cosigner.

If you imagine a personal mortgage may well be right for you, make sure to store around and think about as many lenders as possible to find a loan that matches your needs.

Pulp makes this straightforward – you may compare your prequalified rates from our accomplice lenders in the table less than in two minutes. Simply remember that you won’t be capable of get a private loan with a cosigner by means of Pulp.

Lender,Fixed Rates,Loan Amounts

View details,9.95% – 35.99% APR,$2,000 to $35,000**

View details,6.49% – 29.99% APR,$5,000 to $35,000

View details,5.99% – 29.99% APR,$5,000 to $50,000

View details,6.99% – 24.99% APR,$2,500 to $35,000

View details,7.99% – 29.99% APR,$10,000 to $35,000

View details,10.68% – 35.89% APR,$1,000 to $40,000

View details,15.49% – 35.99% APR,$2,000 to $25,000

View details,3.99% – 19.99% APR,$5,000 to $100,000

View details,6.99% – 19.99% APR1,$3,500 to $40,0002

View details,18.00% – 35.99% APR,$1,500 to $20,000

View details,5.99% – 24.99% APR,$5,000 to $40,000

View details,6.49% – 17.99% APR,$600 to $20,000

(depending on loan term)

View details,6.95% – 35.99% APR,$2,000 to $40,000

View details,5.99% – 18.83% APR,$5,000 to $100,000

View details,10.97% – 35.93% APR7,$1,000 to $20,000

View details,6.94% – 35.97% APR,$1,000 to $50,000

View details,8.27% – 35.99% APR4,$1,000 to $50,0005

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All APRs mirror autopay and loyalty discount rates in which available | LightStream disclosure | Read more approximately Rates and Terms

Alternatives to a pawn store loan

Fortunately, you’ve other suggestions anyway pawn shop loans. Here are some alternatives to pawn shop loans which could provide a greater deal:

Ask for an extension: If you’re briefly short on cash to pay a bill, call your creditor to determine if you might be able to have extra time to pay.

Bill charge assistance: Based on your situation, you may qualify for bill charge suggestions via a central authority program. For example, the us authorities rolled out several suggestions courses in keeping with COVID-19.

Use a credit card: However charge cards could have excessive curiosity rates, you may now not pay any curiosity if you’re able to pay off your credit card stability with the aid of the due date. Even if you do have curiosity charges, you’ll characteristically pay under 30% in keeping with year, which is way under many pawn store loans.

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Sell your item: Rather of pawning an object with excessive costs, consider promoting it to the pawn shop or by means of an internet site. This way, you’ll have your cash without worrying about paying it lower back later.

Take out a personal loan: Rates on confidential loans are usually much lower than pawn store loans. Depending on the lender, the time to fund for a private mortgage probably as soon as the next business day.

Loan type,Average interest rate,Loan amount,Min. credit score score,Time to fund

Pawn store loan,12% to 240%

(can be greater based at the pawn shop),Generally 25% to 60% of pawned item’s value,N/A,Same day

Payday loan,300% to 500% APR

(can be higher based at the lender),Typically $50 to $1,000,N/A,Same day

Personal loan,Varies,$600 to $100,000*

(depending on the lender),Varies,Typically less than 5 enterprise days

* With Pulp’s partner lenders

Pawn store loans come with tremendously excessive costs, which ought to make them a last resort. Generally, exclusive loans are a greater monetary resolution that will price you a lot less in the lengthy run.

Before you borrow, estimate how much you’ll pay for a loan using our exclusive mortgage calculator below.

Enter your loan information

Loan amount


Enter the full quantity borrowed


Interest rate


Enter your annual curiosity rate



Loan term


Enter the amount of time you have to pay off your loan


Total Payment


Total Interest


Monthly Payment


With a $ loan, you’ll pay $ monthly and a total of $ in curiosity over the lifetime of your loan. You’ll pay a total of $ over the lifetime of the loan.

Need a personal loan?

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Checking charges won’t impact your credit score score.

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About Premiums and Terms: Rates for private loans provided with the aid of lenders on the Pulp platform number among 4.99-35.99% APR with phrases from 12 to eighty four months. Rates offered include lender savings for enrolling in autopay and loyalty programs, wherein applicable. Genuine rates may well be exceptional from the premiums marketed and/or shown and will be in accordance with the lender’s eligibility criteria, together with explanations together with credit score, loan amount, loan term, credit score usage and history, and vary based on mortgage purpose. The lowest premiums available characteristically require excellent credit, and for some lenders, may be reserved for specific mortgage functions and/or shorter mortgage terms. The origination expense charged by using the creditors on our platform tiers from 0% to 8%. Each lender has their very own qualification criteria with admire to their autopay and loyalty rate reductions (e.g., some lenders require the borrower to opt for autopay just before loan investment with a view to qualify for the autopay discount). All charges are determined with the aid of the lender and have to be agreed upon between the borrower and the borrower’s selected lender. For a loan of $10,000 with a 3 yr compensation period, an interest rate of 7.99%, a $350 origination expense and an APR of 11.51%, the borrower will be given $9,650 on the time of loan investment and could make 36 monthly payments of $313.32. Assuming all on-time payments, and whole overall performance of all terms and conditions of the mortgage agreement and any reduction programs enrolled in covered within the APR/interest rate across the life of the loan, the borrower will pay a complete of $11,279.43. As of March 12, 2019, not one of the lenders on our platform require a down fee nor do they charge any prepayment penalties.


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