Credit Card – Millennials Fear Credit Card Debt More Than Threat of War and Dying (Survey)

Credit Card - Millennials Fear Credit Card Debt More Than Threat of War and Dying (Survey)Credit Card – Millennials Fear Credit Card Debt More Than Threat of War and Dying (Survey) – image from

Credit Card – Millennials Fear Credit Card Debt More Than Threat of War and Dying (Survey). A new survey by exhibits that millennials rank their mastercard debt because the scariest quandary of their day-by-day lives, even scarier than weighty issues like death and the threat of war. It’s rarely a surprise, given People hold nearly $800 billion in credit card debt. Close to 1/2 of American families hold a stability on their credit card – $5,700 on average.

To put some context around these numbers, and to understand how credit card debt impacts millennials’ day-by-day lives, we conducted a survey asking respondents approximately their feelings and behaviors round mastercard utilization.

Key highlights

In our poll, we detailed respondents who have been 18-34 years of age and carried mastercard debt. We’ve analyzed the results of the survey and compiled some key findings:

Millennials with mastercard debt discover their debt to be scarier than local weather change, the threat of war, now not being able to retire, and even dying

The ordinary credit card balance between all 500 respondents surveyed turned into $5,290, with nearly one in 5 millennials announcing they had to rely on their credit card(s) to supplement their month-to-month income

Millennial debt holders discovered the scariest facets of their mastercard debt to be the phobia of accruing curiosity (32.6%) and making their month-to-month repayments (32%)

Despite their balances, 80% of millennials surveyed are a minimum of extremely self-assured they’ll have the ability to pay off their debt in the subsequent year

An overwhelming majority reported they planned to alter their spending behavior in order to get a handle on their debt

Nothing is definite but€¦ death and credit cards?

There’s no doubt approximately it:

Millennials are terrified of mastercard debt.

We asked survey respondents to select which of a range of of strategies turned into the scariest in their daily life, and greater than 33% indicated it to be mastercard debt – some distance greater than the percentage of respondents who were scared of demise (20.4%), or afraid of the threat of war (16.8%).

Perhaps surprisingly, given its prominence within the media, climate change wasn’t an drawing close concern, with purely 6.4% of respondents selecting this option. Even having to paintings continuously wasn’t too intimidating, with just 11% of respondents choosing €˜not with the ability to retire’ as their best fear.

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A fear grounded in reality

It appears though, that millennials will not be being irrational in disturbing approximately mastercard debt over death (or whatever else). Our information showed an average credit card stability of $5,290 between respondents, and almost one in 5 respondents pronounced relying on their credit card(s) to supplement their month-to-month income.



Digging down even deeper, we asked respondents why they were in credit card debt within the first place. Despite some normal misconceptions that credit cards are just for discretionary or irresponsible spending, the majority of respondents said emergency expenditures (34%) or a big one-time purchase (31.8%) as their cause for sporting debt. Purely 4.0% said choosing not to pay off their debt despite having the assets to do so.

So what are people so scared of? Generally, matters touching on the prompt future were of better difficulty – almost 33% of respondents have been most scared of accruing interest on their credit card(s), with monthly payments (32%) and depending an excessive amount of on credit concepts (20.4%) coming in close behind.

A lack of understanding about key loan details appears to be much less of a concern, with below 8% of respondents being most scared about their (lack of) information round curiosity rates.

Not all undesirable news

Despite balances in the thousands, the majority of millennials surveyed are positive approximately getting rid of their debt soon.

A full 80% of survey respondents pronounced being a minimum of extremely self-assured that they would be capable to erase their debt within the subsequent 12 months, and more than 0.5 of respondents were very or particularly confident that they might be debt unfastened within the year.

To get rid of those credit card balances, however, millennials will have to make adjustments to their spending habits-something that a complete 80.6% of respondents plan to do.

In sum

While charge cards can be a strong device for constructing your credit, and an invaluable source in an emergency, getting out of mastercard debt may be terrifying. This knowledge demonstrates exactly that point, discovering that the most urgent daily issues of many millennials are associated to credit card debt.

Americans carry nearly $800 billion in mastercard debt.

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If you’re fighting your debt and are looking to construct your credit, you’re not alone. Effectively paying off mastercard debt requires a sound debt-payoff process – the first step is to make a list of all your debt, listing them out with their respective curiosity rates. This would help you prioritize the debt you need to pay off such a lot urgently.

Other recommendations which can assist you manage your debt include utilizing for a stability transfer credit card – often, those cards will offer you six to 18 months of 0% APR for balance transfers, providing you with a while to get your finances in order devoid of accruing a ton of interest.

You could additionally explore eliminating a private loan to pay off your present credit card debt. In case you have well credit, a low-interest private mortgage may also help cut down the whole quantity of curiosity you’ll owe. You may often check rates you prequalify for by using authorizing a €œsoft€ credit inquiry that won’t damage your credit score. Remember though, that actually applying for a personal mortgage signifies that you’ll must undergo a tough credit check. You may learn more about utilizing confidential loans to pay off mastercard debt here.

On a positive note, our survey outcome confirmed that millennials seem to already be aware of these options, are actively planning their process for buying out of debt, and appear confident that they could soon regain manage of their finances.


We received this data by using surveying 500 adults ages 18 to 34 who have credit card debt, and asking them here questions:

Which of right here do you find scariest on your day-by-day life?

How a lot credit card debt to you presently have?

What scares you the most approximately your credit score cards?

Why do you’ve mastercard debt?

How self-assured are you that you’re going to have the ability to erase your mastercard debt inside the subsequent 12 months?

Are you making plans to make any adjustments in your spending behavior to reduce your mastercard debt over the next 12 months?

The survey become performed via Pollfish on October 24, 2017. We performed this examine to illustrate the load of mastercard debt on millennials, and how they weigh this burden relative to other fears and concerns of their day-by-day lives.


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