Credit Card – Fear of Debt Won’t Stop Millennials from Spending More This Holiday Season (Survey)

Credit Card - Fear of Debt Won’t Stop Millennials from Spending More This Holiday Season (Survey)Credit Card – Fear of Debt Won’t Stop Millennials from Spending More This Holiday Season (Survey) – image from

Credit Card – Fear of Debt Won’t Stop Millennials from Spending More This Holiday Season (Survey). A new survey by means of finds that millennials are planning as much or more on holiday purchasing this year than they did final year, in spite of their developing fear of mastercard debt.

To higher understand how millennials think about budgeting, credit card debt, and spending around the holidays, we polled 500 18-34 year-olds in the U.S. who carry credit card debt.

Key takeaways

More than 70% of millennials plan to spend as a lot or more than they did last year, while simply 30% pronounced they plan to spend less.

Even though such a lot respondents comprehend they’ll spend as a lot or greater than final year, almost 0.5 of them (47.8%) don’t seem to have a budget.

Eight out of ten respondents (81%) who plan to spend cash vacation shopping don’t intend to borrow money, or will pay off new mastercard debt correct away. More than 1/2 (52.2%) pays for his or her purchases with debit cards or cash.

However, an exceedingly small segment of millennial holiday customers (6.2%) say they plan to dig into their mark downs to pay for their gifts.

Haunted with the aid of the ghost of Christmas Present(s)?

More than 70% of respondents surveyed pronounced that they deliberate to spend just as much or more on holiday purchasing than they did the former year.

This is in spite of that indisputable fact that an overpowering variety of respondents acknowledged that mastercard debt changed into the most important fear of their lives, even scarier than the threat of war, or perhaps death.

Worryingly though, budgeting appears overlooked, as below half of all respondents suggested they understand how a lot they plan to spend on purchasing this year.

Creating and even sticking to the cheap won’t make you immune to holiday debt – we all know how those little, last minute purchases can add up. But it’s essential to set a limit for your self earlier than you hit the stores.

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Because if you don’t€¦

We recognize what you’re getting for Christmas this year

It’s debt.

Debt seems to have become side and parcel of excursion shopping, with 16% of millennials making plans to lean on their charge cards to finance their spending.

But it’s now not all doom and gloom – eight out of ten (81%) respondents who plan to spend funds vacation shopping seem shying away from borrowing, and plan to pay it off instantly if they do.

But wait…there’s myrrh


The percentage of millennials who plan to withdraw from mark downs our take out a private loan to pay for his or her vacation shopping

So intent are millennials on getting their vacation purchasing completed that greater than 7% of millennials surveyed plan to dip into their savings, or maybe take out a private loan, with a view to pay for his or her Christmas purchases.

Needless to say, this may not be the finest idea, especially if you already have mastercard debt, as all of our respondents do.

Sleighing your debt

It’s easy to get over excited in the course of the holidays. Yet your credit card debt doesn’t must sound the dying knell for these sweet vacation offers you’re itching to take virtue of.

These pointers will help hold your spending on track.

Set a (realistic) spending limit: Exclusive techniques will paintings for various people. Some persons do finest at with the aid of setting person budgets for each person on their present list; others might find it less difficult to set a maximum quantity for themselves and determine it out from there. But the biggest issue to remember is that having some plan is best than now not having one at all

Carry cash: If you’re already combating mastercard debt and you uncover it tough to withstand temptation, just carry cash. Withdraw the quantity that you could manage to pay for to spend and depart your credit cards behind. This will strength you to consider your price range and help you continue to be away from those impulse buys

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Take advantage of excursion sales: Planning is key with a view to get the best prices this holiday season. Make a listing of capacity present items and begin tracking them early. You can uncover some high-quality discount rates during Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

Prioritize paying off mastercard debt: If all else fails, and you end up accruing some credit card debt, make a conscious attempt to pay it off as quickly as possible. Carrying a stability on your credit card(s) can rack up your charges and curiosity expenditures and negatively impact your credit score score

Other options which could assist you deal with your debt incorporate applying for a balance move credit score card – often, these playing cards will offer you six to 18 months of 0% APR for stability transfers, providing you with a while to get your funds in order with out accruing a ton of interest.

If you’re looking for an extremely low curiosity card to help along with your spending this winter, a 0 percent curiosity mastercard may be a great option.


We acquired this knowledge with the aid of surveying 500 adults ages 18 to 34 who have credit card debt, and asking them here questions:

Do you plan on spending more, the same, or much less on holiday buying this 12 months than you did final year?

Do you understand how much you plan to spend on holiday purchasing this year?

How do you propose to pay to your excursion shopping this year?

The survey was conducted by way of Pollfish on October 24, 2017 as side of a examine to demonstrate millennials’ vacation spending behaviors


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